Cute Cat Maid

Rina dressed in a cute French maid costume, with cat paw details and cat ears
Portrait of Rina wearing cat maid ear headband, blouse, and collar, with light wing tip eye liner and pink eyeshadow
Rina lifting up her French cat maid uniform, showing off her panties and bulge while looking embarrassed
Rina's foot coming down on the camera, wearing paw pad socks and a cat maid costume

“Welcome home, Master! I hope you had a great day! Is there anything I can do for you right now, Master? Anything at all…?”

Catgirls make excellent maids, we’re great at cleaning, cooking, and entertaining! We’re also very cute, loving and obedient! 🥰

I really like this costume, it puts me in a very servile mindset… and those paw socks are just so cute! 😻 So what will you do with your own cute cat maid? 😽

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